Monday, August 4, 2008

Mediamax says only files in The Linkup can be accessed

I have been contacted by Mediamax regarding the last blog entry:

Mediamax has stated the position on the last entry on The Linkup blog, which was updated on July 11, still stands:

Their 11 July update stated: "The only files that are available for download are the files that are currently in your The Linkup account. Nirvanix cannot provide access to any additional data or assist with accessing your files. Please do not contact them."

Nirvanix have confirmed the position in our conversation. Files will not be deleted from their servers when The Linkup stops operating on 8 August, though they will go off line as there is no way to access them.

However, if the Mediamax system cannot be restarted, there never will be any way to access the files that did not make it into The Linkup.

I hope a statement from Mediamax in the next couple of days will clarify why there is nothing that can be done to restart the old system.

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Luzo Orbit said...

See the next blog entry for a statement from Steve Iversen.