Thursday, September 18, 2008

Nirvanix promises seem forgotten as executive resigns

As you know from this blog, the last reported situation was that Nirvanix said it would try to reunite the owners of the data stored on the old Streamload servers held by Nirvanix if Mediamax provided the front end/database to allow this to happen.

After I spoke with Steve Iversen, CEO of the now dead Mediamax, and he said this could be done, but suggested it was pointless, because, as he said in a posting here: "the biggest mistake we made was to trust Nirvanix to manage our customer data - yes, it was on the "old Streamload system", and not their new Nirvanix SDN, but I believe the care and attention that was required was not there and was beyond unprofessional."

Given that Nirvanix said they would try to retrieve the files if the front end/database was made available I asked the Chief Marketing Officer, Jonathan Buckley, who made this promise when I spoke with him, if this can now be done.

There was no response from Jonathan until last week (10 September), when he said he had resigned from Nirvanix with immediate effect. He hasn't wished to elaborate on why.

He directed me to Patrick Harr CEO, with the email address I have been using for some time without getting any response.

So Mr Harr has been getting the emails it would seem. He just doesn't want to talk with us.

I've been extremely busy and unable to follow up on this as I would like, but I will try to track Mr. Harr down to try to get some answers as to why the promises Nirvanix made to Mediamax users are being ignored. Whether those promises have anything to do with Mr. Buckley's departure is speculation.