Thursday, March 12, 2009

Journalist writing on hazards of cloud storage - please contribute

Bob Scheier of Scheier Associates has left a message here seeking input to a piece he his doing on the hazards of cloud storage.

He has told me: "I’m ideally hoping to interview companies who had posted important information on TLU and lost it when it went under, for a story I’m writing for InfoWorld about what other business customers can and should do to protect themselves against such situations. I would use quotes from those interviews in my story, which will appear on the InfoWorld Web site. Let me know if this helps, and thanks again for your help."

So if you are a company, or otherwise have a story you would like to tell, please contact Bob at:

It has been suggested by some that they may try to launch a class action for compensation, so this may be a good time to tell people where to register.

Please do let me know if you contact Bob. I'll post here when the piece is available.